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Thought of the Day

Thought Of The Day: Christmas

This is me during the holidays.. my gift to the ones I love? Food of course!  Instead of mass consuming this Christmas give someone something that really matters…

What Are You So Afraid Of? Fear and How to Conquer It…

In the past couple of days I have forced myself to be aware of my inner dialogue and who I am being as a person today. I have become very emotional lately when it comes to my career and the goals I have for my future. I find myself putting off what is important because I have a fear of…

Happy Vegan Halloween!


What to Eat (Video) Why You Should Go Meatless



What to Eat? It is the question on everyone’s minds at least three times a day. By showing how our food choices have a more serious impact on our environment than the car we drive, the light bulbs we use or the ways we recycle, the film makes the point that we can all take small steps for positive change.

Thought of The Day: Today I Am Thankful


It is not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy.

Thought of The Day: Smile, Don’t Slobber


The world will continue to move whether you decide to join in or not. Smile, You’re Beautiful!

It’s Juice Cleanse Season


It’s that time of year! Time for a recoup, time to get re-inspired and time to undo all those terrible things you’ve been doing your body lately. It is time for an all raw, nutrient dense Juice Cleanse. It may seem daunting but really it is just like doing anything else you put your mind to. Stop thinking so much and just effing do it.

This is not just a body transformation for me but also an emotional and spiritual experience. T is going to make the emotional part a bit difficult, as he turns into a Grumpy Gus while he is juicing… But that is all part of the challenge. Having a support system as you embark on such a journey is so so so important. Why bring temptation into your home? If you have a partner that is unwilling to Cleanse with you, I suggest staying in a hotel for a few days. Saunas and steam rooms and hot tubs, oh my 😉 But seriously, try doing a Cleanse with a loved one, be it family or partner. It has the ability to bring you closer to the ones you love… and the sex is fantastic. Just Sayin’.



But seriously, do something when you are feeling uninspired. Hit the reset button when you make a large life transformation like I have. Sometimes you just need the power of nature to help you along! Juice is a fantastic way of letting your body rest, while allowing it help you tackle the really big decisions.  I often feel scared about leaving my job to pursue my dream of blogging. I feel like I made a huge mistake, I feel sick to my stomach out of fear. So now I am grabbing that fear by the balls and saying NO! You re part of me, not taking me over… here, have some juice… 😉

I am juicing all of my juice myself, mainly because I needed routine and this was a great way to ensure I was making time to do this. Just there are a number of companies committed to providing you with Juice Cleanses making your life easier. My personal favorite in the GTA is Belmonte Raw. The juices are all raw, and delivered to your home in glass bottles every morning! Talk about making your Cleanse fool proof.. all you need to do is wake up! Carol (Owner and Executive Chef) Uses only the freshest ingredients and the juice taste soooooo goood! So if you don’t have the time to commit like I do, do that route, Fo Sho.


What are you doing to better yourself today?