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Thought of The Day: Today I Am Thankful


It is not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy.

Thought of The Day: A Day Without Laughter…

The little tramp, Charlie Chaplin. Making viewers smile and laugh with a clumsy disposition and a funny walk for years to come. What a genius.

Children laugh about 400 times a day, adults laugh less than 10. There is something wrong with this ratio. Imagine living in a world where every person, big or small, child or adult laughed an average of 400 times a day. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful place to live?

Take some time today to stop and laugh. Take some time to think about something funny a loved one did, a childhood memory of your most infamous prank, or simply Google a cat video. Whatever it is that makes you smile. Stop and spend some time doing that today. See what happens to those around you when you begin an impromptu laughing fit… are they laughing at you? Maybe… But they are laughing so your job here is complete. 🙂

Stay silly,

xo Candice

Thought of The Day: What IS happiness?

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? -Albert Camus

…it’s pretty damn simple if you ask me…


Get Off Your Ass

Sometimes you get your ass up out of bed and grace the day with a big bright smile. Sometimes this is not the case. I found myself waking up grumpy and tired, overworked and drained. I needed to make a change, and this change needed to happen ASAP.

I started by waking up early to enjoy breakfast. This was a special time, time for me, not my blog, not my emails, nor my phone; just me and my food. Savouring each and every bite. Eventually I started to love mornings. Like a sacred ritual specifically to love myself. I started to incorporate 3o minutes of yoga. This was not a series, or an audio class lead by a yoga master of any sort. No, this was time to practice those poses that I wanted to master. Crow, side crow, hand stand, head stand, arm balances, scorpion. I made it my morning ritual to wake up and challenge myself.  I fell on my ass over and over again, but I wasn’t frustrated. This was play time.

After a month of practicing 30 minutes a day in my living room I mastered  most of the items listed above. I am especially proud of my arm balances. 3 months ago I was really struggling with these, now I can do it almost on command. BAM!

What are you doing to Challenge yourself everyday? Tell me on Twitter !

Happiness Is A State of Mind

Two years ago I had a dream of making happy and healthy life choices accessible to others. The state of the world freaked me out; and I wanted people to become aware of their surroundings and the issues concerning the environment, our food, and their state of mind. It was time to enroll the internet in a state of mind I like to call my reality. This is an over-the-top optimistic state of being, where horses run wild and I sleep on a cloud of butterflies. The sun is always shining and I take my pet pig on long walks through the lush jungle.

Am I crazy? Probably, but Joel Hodgson once said, “I sometimes go to my own little world, but that’s okay, they know me there.” He created MST3K, so obviously he knows what he’s talking about. Have you ever noticed that crazy people are generally really happy people? Why do we spend so much time dwelling on the negative. Just do something that makes you smile! Believe you are happy and you will be!


Thought of The Day: Are You Happy?

Thought of The Day: The Reason I Never Get Angry…

“For every minute you are angry,
you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson