Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.


Vegan food bars are one of the easiest ways to add convenience and raw food to your diet. On those days you simply do not have the time to prepare your meal in advance, just grab a bar and go. They make a perfect quick snack , pre or post workout bar, or a great breakfast on the go. These high quality food bars are made with all natural ingredients. They are made fresh each week, by hand the same day you order.

  • Pre or Post workout energy bar
  • High protein
  • Gluten free
  • Soy free
  • Organic
  • 100% plant based and raw
  • No artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours


All Blissed Out (Coconut Bar)

Ingredients: Almonds, Gluten Free Oats, Coconut, Brown Rice Protein, Dates, Coconut Oil, Vanilla, Xanathan Gum, Cinnamon, stevia, Himalayan Rock Salt

PB & Jacked

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Brown Rice Protein, Peanuts, Dates, Vanilla, Xanathan Gum, coconut oil, stevia, Himalayan rock salt

Loco Choco

Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats, Brown Rice Protein, Dates, Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao, Vanilla, Xanathan Gum, stevia, Himalayan rock salt

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats, Brown Rice Protein, Dates, Coconut, Dairy Free Chocolate, Vanilla, Xanathan Gum, Stevia, Himalayan rock salt


Order 12 for $39.99 or 4 dozen for $35.99 each

Minimum order of 12 feel free to mix and match!

Disclaimer: Edge Bars are not meant to prevent or heal medical condition. Please inform me of any allergies.

To order please email:

… we are currently working on our online store, so for now we are getting personal. Bow Chicka Wow Wow.

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