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Song of the Day

Song of The Day: The Veldt – Deadmau5


I saw Deadmau5 once. It was a wet August evening and for 2 hours the world stopped. I danced like nothing mattered. It was just me, rain, the stars, and 50 thousand other crazies dancing in the rain. #lollapalooza

Song of The Day: Cat Powers


Song of The Day: Skin – Zola Jesus

Sometimes you hear a song somewhere, and you mean to ask who sings it and what it’s called but something shiny catches your eye and you forget. Or they tell you and you forget. I forget things a lot. Well this song was part of my Fusion instructors playlist for a while, and day in and day out I wold forget what the song was called. Every time I came to the mat, as I lay in Savasana I would listen to his song and wander into a dream world, forgetting all my stresses of daily life. Isn’t music amazing?

Song of The Day: 40 Day Dream- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Song of The Day: Arkells – On Paper

Arkells – On Paper

Song of The Day: French Girls – Friend of Mine

French Girls – Friend of Mine

It’s Saturday, so walk in a park and be happy okay? 🙂

Song of The Day: Humble Pie : 30 Days in The Hole

I just quit my job to pursue my dream, and travel. 30 Days in the hole is going to become very real very quick!!!