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Daiya : The Cheese That Will Change The World

It Looks just like cheese
It Shreds just like cheese
It Melts Just like cheese
It tastes like cheese…

In Sanskrit, Dayaa means “loving, kindness and compassion”. What an appropriate name for a vegan cheese alternative…

No Cheese Vegan Pizza

Okay Okay, stop giving me that face. No seriously, pizza CAN be delicious without cheese. It’s all in the sauce and toppings. Sure we can use fake cheeses, but sometimes we just don’t have that laying around the house. This light, easy to make vegan pizza is a fantastic way to…

Easy Raw Kale Chips

This super easy recipe is a great alternative to buying traditional chips (yuck). Flavour them anyway you like using ingredients you have at home! The best part is, this raw snack is super good for you!! If you don’t own a dehydrator try this recipe instead!
1 bunch kale

Easy Sweet Potato Hummus (with video)

Because hummus is high in protein, a great source of calcium, iron and amino acids; we vegans and vegetarians find ourselves eating this power house food often. Sometime a little too often.  So let’s shake things up a bit, by adding some new and exciting…

Easy Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

Before I was vegan, I had serious beef with store bought peanut butter cookies. They were hard and had a gross texture, and what’s worse is the artificial “peanut butter” flavour I noticed in almost all of the brands I tried! That was the day that I decided, I was doing…

How to Store Fruit, Properly

How to Store Fruit
Last week we covered how to store your veggie properly, this week let’s stop ruining our fruit! Below you will find a list of the most popular fruit and how to store them! Fruit murder no more!
Apples ‐ Keep in your crisper on low humidity.
Bananas – Bananas…

How to Store Vegetables

How to Store Vegetables
So many of us are storing our vegetables the wrong way! We aren’t little wives in the kitchen post finishing school anymore, so how are we to know the perfect procedure? After trial and error, as well as a lot of research I have answer to your edible…