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15 Ways to Keep Yourself Busy on a Juice Cleanse


We think about food like… 80% of the time don’t we. When is my next time slot for a meal? What will I have? Is it good for me? What will I have for dessert? Should I go grocery shopping? Our mind is constantly overwhelmed with thoughts of food! My job is food, I have to create recipes, and test to create and recreate. We eat well in our home but we A LOT. Because I have created this time style for myself, I am ALWAYS hungry. Like every 15 mins, so this juice cleanse is especially hard on me as I have conditioned myself to think that I need to be eating all day long. With all this extra not thinking about food time on my hands, I will probably be thinking about all the wonderful things I will be craving. So in lieu of this I have decided to create a list of activities that will keep my hands busy and out of the cookie jar.

1. Read a book. (yes they still exist)

2. Skype with long distance family & friends.

3. Meditate myself into a nap.

4. De-clutter my life, one drawer at a time.

5. Sweat out toxins in a sauna.

6. Deep condition my hair.

7. Get my partner to give me a massage. Or Give him one, meh…

8. Paint.

9. Do lots and lots of yoga.

10. Go for a walk.

10. Practice the harmonica.

11.  Find new music.

12. Go see a show and sip on water.

13. Catch up with friends.

15. Go to bed early.


What do you do on a Cleanse to keep busy? Leave me a comment below or tweet me!

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