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WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M SICK?! 3 Forgotten Ways To Take Care Of Your Body

Poor Sick Candice


I eat organic fruits and veg, I juice, I work out. On paper this looks like the profile of a very healthy individual. Someone with a strong immune system and zest for life.

But alas, here I am sick as a dog. I woke up this week with a stuffy nose, my immediate thought was OH MY GOSH I haven’t been sick in years! 3 years to be exact. Count em, 1-2-3!!!! Everyday the symptoms got worse. I wash my hands regularly and am doing everything I can to remedy myself by the book. Or am I?

Evidence would show that I am doing everything correctly right? But until today I didn’t realize that lifestyle has just as much to do with it. Am I taking time for myself? Nope. Am I relaxing ? Double nope. Am I at the very least getting 8 hours of sleep a night? Absolutely not! Hmmm this might have something to do with my new found illness, coming on string each passing day. I havent slowed down despite this drop in immunity. I have been just been pushed harder and harder.

Use it or lose it is saying I live by, but clearly my body has been used and abused. It time take it in for a tune up. To slow down and take a look under the hood, read the owner’s manual and do what’s best for it. This sore throat, stuffy nose, no voice and headache wont take care of itself. So it’s time to slow down and take advantage of this wake up call.

So this month I am committed to the following:

Take more time for myself. No, not by blogging or come up with recipes, but by doing something great for myself. I used to paint! And read! And travel! And clean my apartment! It’s time to tune in to my hobbies and take care of my home again.

Sleep. I have always been guilty of this. A night owl since I was a child, I have always had trouble sleeping. I developed this ” sleeping is a waste of time” mentality. I work till all hours of the night than curse my early mornings. No more. That’s it, that’s all. I will now plan my schedule around my 8 hours of sleep every night. Boom!

Relax. If Frankie tells you to do it then, do it! It’s no wonder I can’t sleep! I’m too wound up every minute of every day! How can I expect my body to fall asleep naturally if I am a human energizer bunny?! Therefore, I am dedicated to relaxing for at least 1 hour everyday. This means no work! No phone, and no checking emails. Period. Just me and my wine and a book or a movie, or getting a massage, or a private yoga class, or … Mmm now I’m day dreaming.

Have you made any commitments to yourself lately? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!


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