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Hangover Cure: The I’m Too Sick To Drink Edition, Starring The Immune Boosting Shot


Today’s Hangover Cure is brought to you by WHY THE EFF AM I SICK!? and Boy I wish I could have a beer. Today my friends I am sick. And I am sad to announce that it is not self induced. Nope this is not a hangover in the alcohol sense this is a good old fashioned, cough, cold and flu type of ass-kicker. Along with laying in bed looking as sexy as a head cold could possibly look, I am also doing a series of shots. No, not tequila… that wont help me one bit. Instead I have turned to mother nature to help cure me of this evil cold.

The basic shot consists of the following:

1 shot glass (duh)

Fresh Lemon Juice


  • Fill the shot glass half full with lemon juice
  • Fill the rest of the glass with water
  • Add your Elixir of choice

Since I am fighting the flu, I will share my Immune Boosting Elixir with you today. This will boost your immunity, increase white blood cell count, stimulate growth of antibodies and elevate body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses.

Immune Elixir:

5 drops oil of oregano

1 dropper full of Medicinal mushroom (Medicinal mushroom extracts including the Maitake mushroom, Reishi mushrooms and Shiitake mushrooms)

5 drops astragalus

  • Drop all tinctures in a shot glass
  • Add shot base
  • Take shot 2-3 times a day

** Every tincture and brand is different. Purchase only organic and read the label. Different brands have different recommended daily doses. Follow these if they differ from above.

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