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Avoid The Post Cook Clean Up Headache


Cleaning up is the worst part of cooking… the last thing you want to do after eating your delicious meal is to clean up after yourself. But It has to be done. To make your life easier always clean these items right away to avoid a scrubbing headache later on.


Rinse your knife as soon as you are done chopping. There is nothing worse than trying to get dried garlic or onion off your knife hours later. Save yourself workout.

Pots and Pans

As soon as you transfer your delicious creation to a serving dish, rinse and wash the pot or pan! Voila! Finished in under 30 seconds. These items always take up the most space on the counter and in your sink, so get them out of the way quickly. By the time you are finished eating they will have dried in your dish rack; so you can just put them away!


It’s infinitely easier to rinse away sticky ginger before they dry on the microplane. Just as you would rinse off your knife, also get rid of sticky microplane gunk as soon as you are finished using it.


Strainers are the devil. No matter how well you think you’ve cleaned them, some form of crusty food gunk always seems to stick to the wire mesh. Clean this right away to avoid fighting with flecks of food weeks after using it.

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