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Get Off Your Ass

Sometimes you get your ass up out of bed and grace the day with a big bright smile. Sometimes this is not the case. I found myself waking up grumpy and tired, overworked and drained. I needed to make a change, and this change needed to happen ASAP.

I started by waking up early to enjoy breakfast. This was a special time, time for me, not my blog, not my emails, nor my phone; just me and my food. Savouring each and every bite. Eventually I started to love mornings. Like a sacred ritual specifically to love myself. I started to incorporate 3o minutes of yoga. This was not a series, or an audio class lead by a yoga master of any sort. No, this was time to practice those poses that I wanted to master. Crow, side crow, hand stand, head stand, arm balances, scorpion. I made it my morning ritual to wake up and challenge myself.  I fell on my ass over and over again, but I wasn’t frustrated. This was play time.

After a month of practicing 30 minutes a day in my living room I mastered  most of the items listed above. I am especially proud of my arm balances. 3 months ago I was really struggling with these, now I can do it almost on command. BAM!

What are you doing to Challenge yourself everyday? Tell me on Twitter !

2 responses

  1. Great motivation post! Crap. Time to get myself on a new challenge!

    July 26, 2012 at 5:27 pm

  2. noturdaddie

    just keep on keeping on give all your coin to gay men and women with content-free pyramid schemes
    until all the dudes are bred out of the gene pool
    you’ll have an eternity of material for blogging about sex with machinery and why he no taste you

    July 28, 2012 at 8:56 pm

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