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Niagara Falls- What A Shit Show That Place Is

How have I lived in Ontario for most of my life and not been to Niagara falls… This was a question I was asked on a number of occasions. So for this weeks spontaneous adventure I headed to Niagara Falls for the evening…

After 15 mins of walking the strip I realized I had discovered the shitty Canadian version of a far less glamorous Vegas. Having an appreciation for all things tacky and random, I found the many haunted houses and flashy novelty stores to be endearing and… Well, bright.

Nonetheless, your fun is determined by the company that you keep and our fun was about to be spent at Dave & Busters playing guitar hero and Pac Man until we were crossed eyed. The beer could have been blamed for that…
I could also put the blame on the beer for why I found myself in a larger than life dinosaur park. I don’t care how old you think you are, dinosaurs are wicked cool!

I found out that I do not like ferris wheels. I got mad anxiety when we were stopped at the top. Racing heartbeat, sweaty palms and pits. This fear was something I was not aware of. I have been bungee Jumping, skydiving and base jumping, and for some unknown reason a ferris wheels scares the eff out of me!!



Meet my new friends, Hilda and and Frida. They may look scary but they’re really quite tame.


Note to all vegans… There are zero vegan options in Niagara… And if there is I sure as hell couldn’t find it! This should be a crime! Someone call the cops!


PACMAN MUTHAFUCKKKKAAAAAA … We played videos games at Dave & Busters for like 3 ours, beers in hand, fingers quick and the competition a blazinnn’.

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One response

  1. haha, I’m like that on Ferris Wheels. Love the romantic idea of them but then I get on and all that fades and the anxiety rises.

    July 23, 2012 at 5:36 am

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