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My Mom is Convinced That I Don’t Know How to Ride a Bike…

Well I showed her! Look at me after 6 glasses of wine! I didn’t bail once, something that was shocking even to me… another accomplished milestone in my clumsy life, double win!!!

Naturally we did some wine tasting. And of course by some, I mean A LOT of wine tasting. I tried to blame my cloudy head on the sunshine, but let’s be serious… I’m not fooling anyone. The best part was the fact that I could exercise AND drink at the same time! Whoever invented bicycle wine touring is a genius. I will find out who dun-it and personally shake their hand in gratitude.


This is an artistic picture of some grapes. AKA: future wine. Grow strong little grapes so you can make lots of people act silly and stupid, and cause a few unwanted pregnancies…

The damage was, well… damaging… enough said

We stayed at a lovely B&B and the caretaker man made me the most beautiful vegan breakfast served on the front porch at 6am sharp. Niagara on the lake was the complete opposite of Niagara Falls, classy, quaint, lovely. A much more enjoyable way to day drink. AND Zee’s made me the most beautiful cucumber and soba noodle dish for dinner. They are very vegan friendly.

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  1. sounds blissful!

    July 21, 2012 at 8:26 am

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