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The Art of Spontaneity: That Time I Got Wasted in Collingwood


When was the last time you were like “ahhhhh fuck it! I’m doing something out of the ordinary today!” I bet it’s been a while… I bet you sit in that damn office all day long, don’t you? Don’t look behind you, I’m looking at you. Take a day for yourself would ya?! Last week I experienced another one of my Ah Ha! moments. That moment where you realize that you can’t keep burning the candle that is your life at both ends for much longer. I was exhausted. I was run down. I looked like a bag of beat up assholes. At this point I hadnt washed my hair in over a week and I was starting to smell like burnt soup. It was time for a vacation…

Luckily, a friend and I had won $300 at the casino the previous weekend. So naturally we decided we had to spend it on something different. So we got in his car and drove to…. Collingwood. Yup that little shanty town with a village in the center of it. We rolled up, got ourselves the biggest glasses we could find and filled them with vodka. Being the resourceful folks that we are, we also managed to find an open hot tub; where we proceeded to spend the next 2 hours, drinking and soaking. We then coloured the abandoned ski village purple and made ourselves known, and almost banned.

The moral of my story is, go do something out of the ordinary. Life is too damn short for planning. Blech.


The beautiful view for our once beautiful room. Aka: We trashed it.


Drinking Vodka will leave you feeling larger than life; or like a little person, surround by chairs that are waaaay too big for your yoga toned caboose.


We found ourselves a delightful Raw Food Cafe that served exactly what our hungover bodies needed– Green juice and pizza wraps… And water, lots and lots of water.


In case you couldn’t tell… This is a pole, with a rope around it.


Obviously this is my 4am bear impression. Quite Hot don’t you think? I especially love the over-sized man sweater and sheer skirt. Someone toss me a Best Dressed Award.

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