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Glass Straws Baby



Concern about plastic usage is at an all-time high. As of March 2008, McDonald’s serves an average of 52 million meals PER DAY!  Ai Carumba! How many of those served do you think were given a plastic straw?  I hope it is becoming obvious just how big of a problem these pesky little plastic straws can be.  Glass drinking straws are one way to limit your exposure to toxins from plastics because they are toxin-free! No BPAs, phthalates, etc, and you are doing your part to limit your personal consumption of plastic. Replacing your disposable plastic straws with a glass straw is one little thing you can do to help save our planet. Yay Earth!

It is an elegant feeling to drink my fresh juices and smoothie from something with substantial mouth feel. Especially during my Cleanse! I felt like I was enjoying a meal, not just drinking juice! Incredible what this little bugger can do. PLUS if your a coffee drinker, use a straw to have your beverages bypass your teeth when you drink coffee, tea, red wine, or any acidic beverage to avoid those pesky stains!

It may sound silly but this guy is perfect when you are on the move. My hands are always full with 3 bags, my Iphone and walking around the city and trying to drink anything is a pain. I have to stop while walking to take a sip and in the greater scheme of things this really slows me down! SO this guy is a life saver!! I keep him in my purse and use it at restaurants, in my home, and it makes a great elegant stir stick for a pitcher of margaritas!

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