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Juice Cleanse Day 1

I woke up this morning without an alarm at the exact time I had planned; 9 am on the nose. My eyes darted open and I reached for the three bottles of lemon water I had prepared the night before.
1 liter all together… Easy right? I take the first, drink it back… “this isn’t so bad “ I thought to myself. I pick up the second And realize that I am having quite a hard time finishing it. “chug it back,” I thought to myself… “just like a beer…” after 10 minutes I finished my water and was feeling , well heavy to say the least. Here we go…

I will start by saying that I have never EVER had to pee this much in my entire life. I had to plan my whole day around available bathrooms and establishments that could refill my water as necessary. I also learned to never, ever wear high waisted shorts while cleansing… I looked pregnant all day long… stupid bladder.

By 2pm I had drank 2 juices and an elixir, finished one fusion class and drank a crap load of water and liver cleanse tea. I was feeling fantastic, I wasn’t hungry, and felt light and airy… like a fairy. The day was mine! It was just as I opened my Cashew Mylk around 2:30, and told someone how not hungry I was, that I started to want to eat. I began craving the biggest quinoa salad with sweet potato and kale, topped with a magical tahini dressing ( I am drooling as I type this sentence). By 4pm, this craving had taken over my world, all I wanted (and still want) is food. It is not that these juices aren’t satisfying… they so are! It is this habit I have created in my life that I go all day without eating, then 4pm hits and BAM! I eat and eat until I go to bed.

Hunger, for the most part is habit forming. We think we are hungry at specific times mostly because we have conditioned ourselves to think a certain way. I hope to break this in the next 5 days.

I spent most of my time during these “meals” experimenting with different juice drinking techniques. The first two juices I drank from the bottle without even thinking. They were gone in no time! The cashew Mylk I sipped up through a smoothie straw and chewed. It was a bizarre but fun experiment. The 5th and 6th Juice, I sipped through a straw and held in my mouth, then swished it around for 20 seconds before swallowing. This technique was the most satisfying. I felt like I was enjoying a meal not just drinking juice.

What I found to be the most challenging part of today was not necessarily trying to control my own willpower, but managing my inner voice. I spent a lot of my day talking to myself, I mean like full on conversations. One part of my mind would try to convince the other part that if I just ate something healthy, like a salad, it wouldn’t matter; then the other part of my mind would talk it out of making that decision.

Since I spend a lot of my days off alone with only my thoughts, I found this to be the oddest part of Day One. Why do our minds try to convince us of something that we know will not benefit us? It’s just like turning off your alarm clock in your sleep. Your mind plays tricks on you, and until you have mastered the art of controlling it, it will continue to do so.

As I type this blog I am enjoying my last juice for today. Do I want to eat, yes. Is it because I am hungry? No… not at all. It is because I have an oral fixation with food and the ritual of eating it. I am only 12 hours in and I have already come to realize this. I can’t wait for tomorrows lesson… bring it on!!!!


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2 responses

  1. I’m so of the opposite opinion it’s unreal. I think yeah, we all eat when we don’t need to at times and when our bodies don’t even need the food, but we get hungry, and have the sensation of being hungry cos we need food! It’s our fuel. Bodies can’t function properly and do their thing unless we give it the fuel it needs. Your body doesn’t tell you it’s hungry for the fun of it, it’s because it needs it. The bad habit that needs to be broken is shovelling food in ours mouths when we’re not even hungry. That’s what’s gonna form the lumps and the bumps!

    June 19, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    • I 100% agree with you. But I am receiving more nutrients than I ever have before during this cleanse, so there is no reason for me to be hungry. It is all a feeling of comfort and wanting certain tastes, and the act of chewing to feel satisfied that I am mistaking for hunger.

      June 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm

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