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On a Detox Walk, Over Glendale Park

Tomorrow I start my 5 day Juice Cleanse! Yay! I am soooo excited to do this. It has been a long time coming and there is no better time than now to get started. I was introduced to fresh vegetable juices by my mother in the late 90s. As a kid it seemed strange and odd, but at the same time I was also very curious about this magical juice. I was reintroduced to juice quite a few years later, after having battled acne for many many years. Carol Belmonte, Owner of Belmonte Raw in Leslieville, told me, after only knowing me for a few hours, that I needed to juice. She promised me that even drinking only one juice a day would help clear my skin… I thought she was crazy! I was already 80% raw! What more could this do?! … well a lot actually! It totally worked! A difference like night and day. So needless to say, I trust this woman with my body and I trust her juice.

So here I am today… on the eve of day one of my Juice Feast. It is like Christmas! I keep opening my fridge and staring at all 7 beautiful glass bottles… I’ve even arranged them in my fridge a certain way… yes, I am well aware of how nuts that sounds. People cleanse for many different reasons, weight loss, sleep deprivation, low energy levels, they’ve found themselves in a downward spiral of terrible eating habits. But mine is slightly different…

I am cleansing because I feel a new chapter of my life beginning to unfold. I feel it in the air, I see it in peoples faces, and I see it in myself. This is a life cleanse, it is not only physical, but also mental and environmental. I need to take back my life, I need to put my ducks in a row, sort out the shit and put trash where trash belongs… in the trash. I want to be ready for this shift in my life…

This evening I threw out 3 bags of beauty products (moisturizers, makeup, face wash, creams, hair masks, shampoos etc) that contained ingredients that I didn’t recognize and/or couldn’t pronounce. If I can’t eat it, it is not going on my skin. I sorted out my closet and found myself with 6 (yes SIX) bags of clothes I was totally cool with donating. I cleanedmy bathroom, my bedroom and my vanity desk, of clutter, garbage and anything that did not serve me positively… It is time.

I realized that even though I consider myself somewhat of a minimalist, I own quite a bit of stuff! Uncool

So there we have it. Life Change… I will be Juice Feasting for 5 days, I will be practicing yoga 4 days a week in studio, and 2 days a week at home with a self practice. I will be keeping a blog journal of my Cleansing journey and will be documenting with pictures and updates! I have already locked up my tequila and wine… the key is in an unknown place, serious willpower will be needed here…

I have chosen to use Belmonte Raw because I trust the creator of these juices (Carol Belmonte), and this amazing program. I trust the ingredients, and I trust the love that goes into each process. I trust the glass bottles that each juice comes in and the balance of energy of each ingredient. This is a time in my life when trust plays a major role, in all areas.

I leave you with this thought and this song…

Are you ready for a change in your life? What area do you see yourself needing some improvement?

One response

  1. Danielle

    Inspiring post… Look forward to hearing about the cleanse and the exciting things happening in your life!

    June 18, 2012 at 2:16 pm

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