Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Chicks and Laptops

Photo taken with Instagram by @casiestewart

Some times things happen… you don’t know why, or how but it just does. Things like having the rain stop just as you are about to step off the street car, or going to pay the parking meter and realizing that there is still 1/2 hr left (SCORE!), or finding the perfect gift for something without even trying. OR it can happen on your leisurely walk to yoga…

As a blogger, I have been keeping tabs on all of the major writers in this blogosphere we call the internet. Some local, some not, some vegan some not… WELL there are a few in Toronto that I follow because I like their energy, or style, or can relate to them, or I just find them all around Fucking fantastic… whatever the reason.

Casie Stewart, lifestyle blogger and information DJ is one of those women. I have been following her interweb career for a few years and think she is simply fan-fucking-tastic. I had a bit of an online girl crush on her… something that I was told was brought to her attention by two men that shall remain nameless (sheepish embarrassed face). When I found out she would also have a show on Coral I was pretty pumped. The tweets started happening and an online friendship was created.

After a long, but sunny and fabulous shoot for CoralTV I decided it was time to head to yoga. I sent out some tweets (one was sent to Casie), put in my ipod and started walking. After 3o mins of sunshine , and mad beats, I look up and see a little short-haired blonde chick sitting on a patio. No Fucking Way! It’s Casie… I wander over… she see’s me, freaks, and we embrace in a screaming, laughing, I CANT FUCKING BELIEVE IT type of typical white girl hug.

We had some drinks, chatted about everything interweb, and decided, yup this is the start of one fun ass blonde friendship.

The short of the long is this… work hard, make sacrifices and cultivate fun, like-minded friendships with hawt babes.

Check out Casie’s Blog: This is My Life, here!

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