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Hangover Cure : Sushi Edition

Soak in Wasabi To Stimulate Detoxification… until next weekend.

Did you know that  as much as a third of toxic body waste is cleared through the skin. That is why, no matter how often you brush your teeth after a night out your boss will still smell that booze off you.

Now, doesn’t it suddenly make complete sense to soak in a tub of toxin-purging wasabi? Don’t dismiss the hot stuff as a mere smear on your sushi! Turns out that at the root of this go-to miracle tonic’s power, wasabi (which is actually a member of the cabbage family) has the ability to increase blood circulation through the organs and promote oxygenation of the cellular tissue, helping to clear cells of metabolic waste. When infused into the bath, wasabi’s stimulating nature has been known to help ease a hangover. Food really is incredible isn’t it?

I’ve used the Body Systems Bath Treatment, but then decided to make it myself by combining ginger for nausea & indigestion, mustard for increased circulation, stimulating sweat glands, & opening pores, epsom salts for relieving aching muscles and internal re-balancing, and peppermint oil to loosen phlegm, sooth nerves, and stimulating pain relief. I mix all ingredients together and sit in my tub. What else are you going to hungover?

One response

  1. Wow. I did not know that and I love wasabi.

    May 26, 2012 at 12:54 pm

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