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The Traveling Vegan

I will admit, sometimes is hard to be a vegan living in a predominantly non-vegan world. The only way to be successful and not starve is to be prepared. This is especially true when it comes to travelling. Whether it be by plane, train or automobile; you are bound to get hungry and will find yourself surrounded by processed, animal based quick-grab foods. Never fear, your purse (or carry-on) is like a magical land of solutions averting just about any vegan disaster you may encounter in unfamiliar surroundings.

On The Road

This is probably the easiest way to be prepared as you have no restrictions and can pack whatever your heart desires. My first tip would be to check with customs before you travel over the border to get a list of allowed foods. Last year we drove to Chicago and they took my bag of organic grapes! Apparently they were evil grapes entering the US to assassinate the President. Anywhoo… calling ahead will ensure your yummy food isn’t taken from you and mindlessly thrown into the trash. A small Tupperware container and a spork go a long way, making it easy to take homemade food or leftovers on the road.

Car Snacks

· Sandwiches or wraps

· Cut up veggies and dips

· Protein shakes

· Pita and hummus

· Salads (don’t forget a fork!)

· Trail mixes

· Protein or granola bars, homemade or store bought)

· Dried fruit

· Mixed nuts

· Fresh fruit ( grapes, apples, bananas, pears, strawberries are the easiest and least messy to eat)

· Vegan chocolate and/or candy (you need to stay awake somehow!)


Airports usually have limited vegan options, but chances are that there will be at least one coffee house that has soy milk and at least one place where you can get a decent wrap or salad. Depending which airline you fly with, the quality of the meal (if you get one at all) will vary hugely. But it’s okay! Because you are prepared!

First, when you are booking your flight check to see if they offer a vegan meal. Some airlines such as Air Canada, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, British Airways, and Lufthansa offer this alternative. Put yourself on the list to receive one, but be warned that you may not. I have had this happen to me, and luckily I brought a back-up!

Check to see what their policy is on outside food. I have never had any luck trying to bring hummus or a dip as you can’t bring liquids through security. I have however, successfully snuck peanut butter past them. This is the most surprising as peanut oil can be used in the making of homemade bombs… just sayin’.
A packet of vegan protein and a glass of water can go along way; and chances are whatever you’re eating is 120% better than airplane food any day.

Airport and Plane Food

· A cup-a-soup or noodle type meal (flight attendants are happy to provide hot water).

· Sandwiches or wraps

· Cut up veggies

· Protein shake packets (just ask the attendants for some water)

· Pita and hummus (depending on the airline)

· Salads

· Trail mix

· Protein or granola bars, homemade or store bought

· Dried fruit

· Mixed nuts

· Fresh fruit ( grapes, apples, bananas, pears, strawberries are the easiest and least messy to eat)

· Vegan chocolate and/or candy

A few things that I keep with me at all times even when not travelling is a packet of protein powder, coconut butter, almonds and an edgebar. My active lifestyle and high metabolism makes for a healthy appetite that likes to show its face every 20 minutes. This ensures my blood sugar levels don’t fall and keep me from having to buy something processed.

Now if you are caught with your pants around your ankles check out the vegan fast food guide for options when there is nothing but burger joints as far as the eye can see.

Bon Voyage!


2 responses

  1. baconismagic

    I met several vegans in Central America who really struggled and basically were surviving on guacamole. A lot had to move to become vegetarian while traveling and that was tough even for the vegetarians who would order beans but the people making the dish would poor meat fat over the beans to make them taste better.

    April 20, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    • YIKES! beans are so tastey without meat fat!

      May 20, 2012 at 8:49 pm

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