Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

The Edgy Veg Hits up Toronto Fashion Week

Well there I was standing backstage at TFW feeling like the smallest human being alive as I walked past the Maybelline hair and makeup setup. I was in a world of tall, gorgeous, ( and probably hungry) Amazonian monsters, with fabulous gay men at their beck and call. I have been around models before; but I have never stood directly next to one- don’t do it, your self esteem takes an extra 15 seconds to kick back in. Visually my brain was on stimulation overload. So much black, leather, printed, organgey, colour blocked, heavily shadowed, red lipped beauty. I just stood there frozen, unable to move as I took it all in. When my legs decided it was time to un-statue, I ventured to find my seat for the first show. I walked past crews of camera men and local television hosts, even talked to some. Why not? Networking is the name if the game after all, and hey maybe I’ll be on tv. Probably Not.

The first show of the week was Korhani Home. Each design was a masterpiece, rugs and carpets restyled into dramatic, wearable pieces. They looked heavy, but beautiful. This off-beat show was divided into three parts; Mongolian-inspired capes, British punk, and regal, french inspired gowns. Each look was more interesting then the next, but the biggest surprise came in the middle of the show… my heart skipped a beat when models strutted the runway with miniature piglets in their arms. We all know about my obsession with owning a miniture pig as a pet. This obsession did not help calm the urge I suddenly felt to drop kick a model in the face, grab the pig and run out of there like the fugitive I was about to become. Obviously this is a plan I did not execute, but given the opportunity again… I might.

I also had the opportunity to see the Holt Renfrew show. A beautiful collection of Canadian designers were featured after a jovial tap dancer left us in awe with his fancy foot work and charming demure. So typical Holts. Looks by Judith & Charles, Lida Baday, Mackage, Dennis Merotto, Line, Twenty Cluny, were of fall/winter focus; beginning with adorable cat-eared riding hats by Laing and Smythe. It was a great show, but nothing tops the parade of squeekers, sorry.




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