Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

We’re Really Doin’ It Harry!!!

This video perfectly describes how I am feeling today. Today I felt the love. I felt the love from my peers, my mentors, those that inspire me and those that continue to push me each and every day. One year ago I moved to Toronto on a whim. Everyone thought I had figured it out, that I had made plans and had a clue. Boy were they wrong. I moved to Toronto having no effing idea what I was doing; I had no money, no job, knowing no one,and moved into a random-ass basement apartment to start over. All I knew was I liked to cook, I wanted to help people and that I had waaaaay too many opinions.

One night after a bottle of wine I started a blog. I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with it but I knew I could cook, so I started to post recipes. (Click here to read my first post, the typos are fantastic). At the time I was transitioning into a vegan diet, with the hopes of one day becoming a raw foodist. Those closest to me thought I was nuts. “The blonde punchdrunk party girl is going to go raw… puhleeease that will never happen…” they thought and/or told me.

Let’s fast forward through a year of networking, A LOT of yoga, messy kitchens and taste tests. We find ourselves at Queens Park on a hot July day. I’ve been sitting in the sun meditating on my life when finally my path smacked me in the face, and the concept of edgeBars were born. A total passion product that has really captivated the hearts of many in 6 short months. Watching this baby and my blog grow is incredibly fascinating. I recently quit my job at lululemon social media to pursue my dreams of creating and blogging full-time. HUGE. My mom might be having a mini heart attack as she reads this…

In times of struggle and feelings of self-defeat I’ve often wondered if anything i did even mattered? If anyone was even reading my blogs or if I was just writing an online journal that no one was interested in. It is in those moments of weakness that God always sends me a sign.

Today I was working the Juicebar at Belmonte Raw. A “fan” (thats so weird) came in and told the Owner and Chef that she was here to “try what this vegan blogger she follows has been tweeting about…” When Carol asked her who it was and realized it was me, she started to laugh and yelled, “Hey, EdgyVeg… you have a fan visitor!” …to her surprise I was there, and to my surprise I had a following. Me? a following? What the heck?! We talked and I realized that I am making a difference after all. People DO read what I have to say and take it seriously. I have a group of faithful readers that care about this blog as much as I do. My heart has been playing a tune that sounds exactly like Jungle Drum all day… So if you take nothing else from this article, please do take this: The world is huge, step outside of your comfort zone and you will be able to do anything.

Life is good.

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