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Expansion Series Part 2: Yoga at The National Ballet

In the past year and half I have come to know incredible women doing wondrous things. Each woman is whole heartedly pursuing a dream and doing it with their heart and soul. This event was a dream of many. I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of this beautiful event that is so dear to many. After many hours of prep, planning and brainstorming over too many bottles of wine to mention, this event became a reality.

Amber Joliat owner of MISFITSTUDIO in the heart of Queen West held a class at The National Ballet based around the word love. Just in time for Valentines Day, this word was a fresh focus for many. Single or attached, love is universal. This word, with so many meanings was brought into a space where it flowed through each heartbeat simultaneously. Amber described the scene as “an ocean of yogi’s flowing like a wave as one… it was beautiful.”

Here is some yogi photography

The woman of the hour

A sea of yogi’s

There was a lineup at 4:30!

Two Misfits post class

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