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Get out your encyclopedias! The interweb is going on strike…

Well not the whole web, but some sites that are include Wikipedia, Reddit, Boin Boing, imug, and Mojang. These sights are participating in the SOPA blackout protest taking place January 18th. Mozilla and few other web giants are also planning partial blackouts. Google will be linking SOPA information their homepage and informing user on their opposition to the bill.

It has come down to this kids… Not even our internet is worthy of free speech and information anymore.

What is SOPA? 

SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act or, House Bill 3261. The goal here is to stop internet piracy and rogue sites; something we’ve been battling for years. You know that Pirate Bay site you love streaming videos from… rogue site. Remember Napster? 

Why is this an issue you might ask? This has turned into a culture war, a battle between free speech and the economy. This is a Bill that will threaten internet giants like Google and Facebook and could virtually destroy Youtube. The courts or “owners” of the internet would be granted the rights to domain name systems of sites and would hypothetically be able to shut down or block any site as they see fit. Leave to America to ruin the internet. So, if any site had the ability to host copywrite material it would be blocked… THINK about how much video and article sharing we do as a society! Blog would disappear, crucial news from all over the world would be blocked from our computers. This reminds me of the staged propaganda of the first World War, but let’s not go there today…

Well believe it or not,  it goes even further than that. Imagine if you uploaded your favorite movie clip or sang a cover of your favorite song on Youtube. This would allow for the Internet Police to come to your door and tell you that you could serve up to 5 years in prison, PRISON!! For uploading a silly clip or song! Talk about crushing creativity.

How about we save prisons for real criminals… 

You might be thinking… why didn’t I know about this? The reason you didn’t know is because they would rather have you sit back and be apathetic about the whole thing while they slowly take away your rights. Harsh? Yes. But true.

Want to learn more about SOPA? Watch this very important Video

If you want to join the black out find out more information here.

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