Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.


The Artist

Finally we have a film worth watching. This modern take on the silent films of the golden age is a must see for all cinema enthusiasts. In my eyes the film has three main plots- The fall of a silent film actor, the rise of a talkie, and the evolution of cinema. I will not divulge too much as it would spoil the film. But know, this silent film is captivating from beginning to end and you will not leave the theater disappointed. Hazanavicius’s story telling so stupendous, that you completely forget that you are watching a silent movie at all.( I was a bit skeptical at first about an attempt to recreate this type of film) The use of Hitchcock’s score from Vertigo is haunting and, despite the uproar, fits perfectly. It gave me goose bumps from beginning to end.

Here is the trailer for said film.  I am now going to go teach myself how to do the Charleston in my kitchen. Au Revoir.

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