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Bill attempts to censor animal cruelty

*I am posting this again in hopes of reaching more people. I find this legislation to be not only unethical but an attack on our rights as a supposedly free people.

Any law that states that attempting to expose cruelty and brutality is a felony is extremely dangerous in my opinion. What will be next? Will exposing corruption in a company you work for make you a felon? Will reporting sexual harassment in the work place be made a felony? How about attempting to expose racism or hazardous working conditions?

When we as a people condone legislation that intends to cover up brutality and crimes against other sentient beings where will the line be drawn?

From my original post:

How do the despicable people who profit from sponsoring constant animal cruelty and abuse respond to continuous exposes on the realities of factory farming? By changing their practices of course…right?

Of course not, this is America! The proposed ‘Ag-Gag’ bill is an attempt to censor the realities of factory farming by making it a felony to take pictures or video without consent. Gee, now why would any company in the business of mass slaughter want to censor what their customers see?

Big business controls our government and has the money to buy legislation that will dictate that compassionate, caring citizens are actually the real felons and not the CEO’s and employees who perpetrate heinous acts of brutality against sentient beings on a daily basis.

When will people wake up? When will the general population start to respect the beings that they feed on? I am well aware that most people will continue to eat meat but are these kinds of conditions and practices really acceptable? How can any decent human being support factory farming and animal cruelty? Surely there is a better way.

When American citizens stop supporting these companies, only then will we see any real change. The corporate owned puppets in our government will not set this right. To my omnivore friends and fellow citizens, please vote with your wallets and stop supporting these disgusting companies and the criminals who run them.

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