Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.


Pink Play Magazine Feature!!!!!!

Last month I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely Karen Fulcher from Pink Play Mags. Her article was a piece on sexy foods entitled Beguiling Your Babe with Beatific Beets (page 25).

How honored I was to be included in an article not only about food, but also about the titillating qualities it can offer. There is something enchanting and seductive about fresh food prepared for you specifically. Cooking for another individual is not only an act of love- it is the ultimate service. They are creating something that will have a direct effect on your body. The act may ensnare your senses and capture your heart; but the meal (depending on what’s on the menu) will nurture your body, mind and soul. There is a reason they say “the way to a mans heart is through his stomach…”

Your food should be sexy because YOU are sexy. Sexy in = Sexy out, Yes? Yes!

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