Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Get Sexy With Your Tickle Trunk

Naturally I am a hoarder. I hate throwing things out just in case I could use it for something. I see this as a totally healthy, overly-compulsive recycling habit. That’s my reasoning and I’m stickin’ to it.

Monday I had the day off. So instead of drowning myself in raw cookbooks, research and client work I decided it put it all on the shelf for a day. This day was for me. My creative juices were oozing out of my ears to the point that going to the bathroom was the only task my ADD could handle. My fingers needed to work, they needed to create.

Did you know that engaging in creative activities can be health-promoting? Creativity sharpens your brain… why? The more things you learn the more you are stimulating your brain. It really is that simple. Studies also suggest that when you are being creative your brain releases dopamine giving you that happy and blissful feeling. Highly creative individuals are generally sharp, more organized, and happy. So take the time to do something creative every week, or better yet, every day.

I had a lot of fabric laying around so I sewed myself some headbands and made a cloth chandelier out of a bed sheet. it took all day, and I am still running from that creative high. Want to see? Yeah you do…

This picture does not even begin to capture the beauty of this thing, come over some time and I will show you.


I used be a pro at making fabric flowers, and apparently I am still a master of this talent. So from the above, we get my super fun head band!! (shown below). 

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