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Random Acts Of Pumpkin Fail – Women and The Barbie Complex

Girls have a Barbie complex. It does not matter how old we are, we will always love anything miniature. Miniature purses, miniature, dogs, miniature creams even mini pumpkins…

Anyone that knows me is well aware of my obsession with surprises and spontaneous gift giving. Sometimes I see something that reminds me of a friend; sometimes something just calls out at me and I don’t know why. Other times I just crave the surprised look on the other persons face.

Here is an example of myself and a story I created in my head. Last night on my way to Misfit yoga studio to help clean and paint in an outfit so in appropriate for the task, I must have looked insane. I walked by a little asian grocer that had miniature pumpkins and dried ears of corn for sale. Two things jumped into my head. Firstly, “You must buy corn for Amber as a symbol of fall and change for growth,” and secondly “How cute would it be of you went to visit (he who shall remain nameless) with a cute little pumpkin!? It would totally express your wacky character…” …NOT

Amber accepted the random gift with a hug and a stubby of Jamaican goodness. It was thoughtfully placed near a beautiful display of lights that can be seen on an earlier post.

He who shall remain nameless looked at the pumpkin and laughed and said, “Why did you buy me a pumpkin?”  The pumpkin was placed on a counter where the cat decided to chuck it across the room… Random act of pumpkin fail.

At first I felt a slight sadness and though to myself, “Wow you don’t get me at all… This is doomed”.Then I realized, he is a man, and you have just given him a pumpkin that to him, is not a random act of spontaneous kindness. It is something random that has no purpose and will eventually rot. Ahh the differences between men and women.  Aren’t they glorious? To a woman this mini pumpkin is a cute piece of seasonal decor, men just don’t get that.What fun would it be if we all had the same way of thinking…

I run into women all the time who are upset or don’t understand a mans actions or behaviors – GUESS WHAT?! He doesn’t get yours either. When you’re thinking “he doesn’t get me or he doesn’t care” he’s probably thinking, “Why is she being so nuts? I didn’t do anything ” Men are laid back, they don’t feel the need to text you 100 times a day to show you that they’re into you. Like I said women have a Barbie complex driven by Disney and it’s a bit insane.

My point is this: We are all in control of our emotions since emotions are really just reactions to situations. Control the reaction – get rid of the unnecessary negative emotion. It’s just a matter of Stop, Listen and Think.

Katie and a mini cream

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