Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.


Joy Assignment

When you are feeling frustrated, or thinking to yourself ” what the hell am I doing up this early?!” stop, pause, and do something silly!

This is Glove. He was named after the blue hand from The Beatles cartoon yellow submarine. No, he’s not blue, but then Again neither am I! Hehe

Anywhooo, Glove is my silly prop, he inspires me… I’m not insane I swear. I put glove on and do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I vogue, sometimes I pretend I’m Holly Golightly. Cruella Deville has even made it onto my roster of silly 5 minute acts.

So do what inspires you in a moment of frustration! Make a weird noise, sing a song, hug your dog or throw on a glove and pretend.

Because the child in you never grows up, she just hangs out until you ask her to come out and play.

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