Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Meet Heidi…

Heidi has more food allergies and intolerances they any other human-being I have ever met. Her intolerances cause her migraines, upset stomach, neck pain, anxiety and force her to eat boring, bland food.

Heidi was sent to me by her brother; a man that has the most ridiculous eating habits I have ever seen. Dave was a skeptic and often teases me about my raw-vegan-ism. I was determined to change that.Anyone that knows me, is well aware that I believe I was put on this earth to prove a point. He had one bite of a raw peanut butter cup and is now hooked. I still get teased; but I get great pleasure in knowing that, I made a point that day.

So Heidi’s main concern was the lack of variety in her meals. She was eating food with no taste and didn’t know how to combine the food she was allowed to consume. I created a customized cookbook only using said ingredients. These recipes are easy to make, easy to read and for lack of a better term.. Idiot Proof.

We went grocery shopping and headed to her apartment for her one-on-one class with the Edgy Veg. We played some tunes, talked about travel and enjoyed each others company while we chopped, baked and steamed.

Cooking the recipes with someone first allows them to get comfortable with the tasks at hand. This gives the individual the confidence to do it alone the second time. As we piled through the book of recipes and taste-tested each one, Heidi’s face kept lighting up. She had flavour and excitement in her food-life again. She had variety and was excited to share this with the ones she loves.

I feel honored to have been able to help Heidi discover a new facet to her intolerances. Eating is something that should come so naturally to us, it should be simple. Unfortunatly for some this is an every day battle. It makes me so happy when I am able to change someones life with a forkful of food.

Thanks for the hangout Heidi!

Here is a picture of the sweet potato salad we made!

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