Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.


Superfood: Matcha


Matcha is a fine ground, powdered, high quality green tea that is not the same as tea powder or green tea powder.

The health benefits of matcha tea exceeds those of green tea because you are ingesting the whole leaf, not just the brewed water.

The nutritional value and antioxidant content of matcha is 10 times greater then green tea.

Matcha Is packed with antioxidants, boosts metabolism, detoxifies and burns calories. Just like coffee, matcha enhances mood and aids in concentration without that caffeine crash. This wonder tea provides the body with high levels of vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. It is an efficient way to fight against viruses and bacteria and is rich in fiber.

Diabetic bonus- it does NOT raises insulin levels and lower blood sugar!

I drink matcha every morning instead of coffee. It is a much healthier option and has no crash! Put some powder into a smoothie, use it in salad dressing or make a latte, the possibilities are endless.

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