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Life Activation Challenge Day 21


By now we are well aware of my obsession with the practice. Growing up with a mild case of OCD and a need to be in control at all times, came with overwhelming self-induced stresses. My mind was on overdrive at all times; this resulted in restlessness, inability to focus and sleep loss. When I became a young adult, I used yoga as a way of working out, and over time moulded the practice into a tool to clear my mind and listen to my body.

There are many benefits of this practice for women specifically, and they go a lot deeper than we might imagine. These benefits are physical, psychological and spiritual, depending on what type of yoga you are practicing, and what your intention is. First of all the life expectancy of women practicing yoga is high compared to those without a regular practice.

Let’s begin with the many physical benefits of yoga. There are many, but I will focus on those most important; since I am sure you are as busy as I am, and do not have the time to read about yoga all day long…

A regular yoga practice decreases high blood pressure. Your yoga breath promotes better oxygenation and blood circulation and maintains your blood pressure it as normal. As I have mention in previous posts; yoga helps balance your metabolism and controls your hunger and weight. This is where the yogi saying “Eat to live, do not live to eat” comes from. Yoga raises brain gamma-amino butyric levels and stimulates insulin, which makes it less likely for women to develop alzheimers disease or diabetes. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women over 65 years of age. Since yoga reduces stress levels and lowers blood pressure, chances of cardiovascular diseases are less-likely to occur.

The psychological benefits of yoga are equally as relevant in the fast-paced society we live in today. Most importantly stress. Women tend to stress quicker then men, so a regular yoga practice is essential in order to improve concentration and focus on reducing stresses, even if it for only one hour a day. Calmness comes hand in hand with lower stress levels and helps women to control anger, and hostility. The yoga breath reduces anxiety and releases negative feelings with leads to higher concentration and can reduce feeling of depression. Yoga stimulates better blood circulation to the brain, which in turn reduces stress and improves memory.

Whether you are a spiritual being or not; yoga will help you create a deeper inner connection to yourself. It will help you create a bond between body and mind. Yoga is the ultimate method to create inner peace in ourselves. The inner peace generated increases and improves our capability in making effective decisions. Since women tend to fall into emotional problems faster then men, we also experience a wider variety of benefits from the practice, which in turn reverses the medical conditions we may have faced otherwise.

Now you know why I am so in love with my practice. Namaste.

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