Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

My Mother, My Teacher

When you are five years old your mother is the greatest woman on the planet. She has the coolest clothes, the best makeup and is your role model.

When you turn thirteen your mother is like an alien from outer space. She has no idea what everyone else is doing, and is completely out of touch; you need space and can’t get far enough away. 

It is the moment she drops you off at residence on your first day of college that you realize you are going to miss her. You realize that you are on your own and she won’t be there to do your laundry or make sure you are doing your school work. 

As you coast through the years of college you realize quite quickly that your mom has all the answers. Whether it is about cooking, a confrontation you had with a friend, renewing your passport or boy issues; your mom is always the first person you call.

As you start to grow into your 20s and 30s you realize how much like your mother you really are. You realize she is your best friend, and you start to put all the lessons she gave you to good use. She becomes your mentor again, your role model and your biggest fan.

When I went home this summer to visit my family I realized how alike my mom and I are. As a kid I never understood my moms weird ways of storing, cooking and raising us. Now that I am an adult I realize that it wasnt weird at all! She had a system and a reason for everything she did raising us. Here is a quote from my mom after I posted a picture of her pantry on Facebook.

“…there is a reason for this organization here, out of the bad plastic bags, into glass jars which are much easier to open then those knots, twist ties or whatever else that’s being used to close up bags. If this is all you inherited from me, than you are laughing girl. Love you, Deine Mama”

Not only is this an easier way to store your ingredients, but it also gets them out of those toxic plastic bags. We all know how harmful plastic is to us and our food.

I am very much like my mom, we are both vegan, we both have a passion for health and working out and we are both so stubborn the men in our lives often spend their time scratching their heads at our actions. My mother is mt role model, she is my inspiration and she is the strongest person I have ever known. I have learned all I am and everything I do from her.

Ich Leibe Dich Mama!!!

The top picture is one of my pantry’s, and on the right is a picture of my mom’s. Looks pretty similar doesn’t it?

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