Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Life Activation Challenge Day 2

I find myself waking up so easily these days. First task on hand today was make raw hummus. Anyone that knows me personally knows I could live off of hummus and cucumbers (not that I would suggest it). Chickpeas are high in zinc, folate and protein, they are also a valuable source of dietary fiber. Hummus makes a great lunch or midday snack, as it is a perfect energy pick me up.

After work I did a little grocery shopping in Kensington market because I FINALLY have a fridge again! YAY. There is something about grocery shopping that really calms me. I get a weird high from picking out the perfect vegetables and daydreaming about what I will create with them later on. Some may view this as strange behaviour but I am okay with that. Since it is end of season the prices right now are amazing. I managed to get a huge bag of vegetables for 11 bucks! wowza. I seriously suggest going down there and picking some up yourself.
My yoga for the day was a hot power flow at Tula. This is my new favorite hot yoga class, I find myself craving it on a regular basis. The class was lead by lululemon Queen Street’s Ambassador Grace Dubery. The class is a level 1-2 but focuses more on 2. I have a real passion for flow classes because it reminds me of dancing; and anyone that knows me, knows I cant dance so this is as close as I am going to get. We worked on crows, binds and lifts which is really what I am trying to move my practice towards… Hello Side crow! After class I found myself floating home with such grace a still mind.
Breakfast: Banana and apple slices with raw almond butter
Lunch: Green peppers, cucumber and raw hummus
Snack: Sunflower pate with carrots
Dinner: Garden Wrap

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