Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Life Activation Challenge Day 13

I am finding myself extremely inspired lately. If only I had a hard drive I could plug into my brain and download my ideas before they scattered out into the universe. I might change my name to Cando- Princess of Treats, since that seems to be all I am creating lately. This must be a by-product of all the sweet people I am surrounded by.

Which brings me to my topic of the evening: What inspires you? What drives you? What fuels your inner passions?

I am extremely inspired by the people I surround myself with. I am inspired by beautiful pieces of music and of course, dressing like an Edgy Veg.

Let’s begin by dissecting the first point. Did your mother ever tell you that because your friends were doing it, you would end up doing it as well? She was right- if you surround yourself with unmotivated, lazy friends; you in turn could adapt the same behaviours. However, if you are surrounded by extremely creative beings that are in touch with their spirituality and lust for life; you will most likely aspire to do the same. It’s as simple as the law of attraction, (modified for your reading pleasure) If you are crap, you will attract crap. If you do your best everyday, you will attract others doing their best. Amazing people attract other amazing people, it really is that simple.

Now let’s look at my second motivator: Dressing like an Edgy Veg. I am a serious believer in faking it, till you make it. Seriously, I dress, talk, act and decorate as if I am currently living my dreams. This involves heels and a lot of lace while I am in the kitchen. I wear lipstick for no reason at all, and enjoy acting as if I am a pinup diva out of the 1950s, who lights candles and dances while she cooks. Who decides who is and isn’t fabulous? I am incredibly fabulous and I will make sure you are well aware of this fact. To be quite frank; if I am going to spend hours in a kitchen; elbows deep in dishes and sauces, I am going to look damn good doing it.
Most of us are inspired by music. My genre of choice is Jazz. Specifically, 1920-1950 crooners and swooners. There is something about those couple decades that I just find so fascinating. They knew how to love, and wore fancy dresses for no reason!

Since I surrounded myself with all these things tonight, I ended up creating a whack-load of new desserts. I have a problem, and it is about to start showing on my hips. Bye bye size 2 jeans… Eeep

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