Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Life Activation Challenge Day 1

Waking up early is easy when you have scheduled your life to the very hour. Such is life when you decide to take on a challenge like this. Plan, plan, plan. Plan your meals, plan your yoga for the week, plan your blogging, your work, and somehow manage to fit in your social life.

This morning I started my 30 days of yoga off with a private yin class at The Yoga Sanctuary. My instructor Joshua Lewis is incredible, he shared his personal practice with me and we were able to discuss my intention and my needs for my practice today. Since he was able to work with me on adjustments and knew what I was looking to gain from my class; it was easy for him to keep reminding me that I am here to slow down. I am not here to push I am here to be still and find my inner calm. It is really nice to be reminded since I myself am a creature of habit. By the end I was able to sit with a silent mind (except for when I was watching Joshua, he is quite dreamy).

I hear people talk about yoga brain and I thought I knew what it was, but I didn’t… until now. I fell down the same flight of stairs 4 times at work today, dropped everything and stubbed my toe on a couch that was not in my way at all. My energy must have been shifting because I was not myself.

Doing a raw food challenge when you don’t own a fridge is its very own challenge… Thanks to a strongly worded email to my super it will be arriving tomorrow.. YAY!
Overall I feel good after my first day. I’ve been having weird pizza cravings all day, which is odd since I cant even eat pizza anyway… it must be a case of forbidden fruit syndrome.

Breakfast: Raw Oatmeal
Snack: Nectarine
Lunch: Fresh Veggies
Chopped Peppers and carrots dipped in raw hummus.
Snack: Handful of raw organic almonds
Dinner: Gazpacho

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