Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Joy Assignment # 3 Spontaneous Yoga

Do you ever just feel like you need a good stretch but lifting your arms above your head just wont do? I get this feeling quite a bit. The beauty of yoga is that it is accessible at any time, and in any place. Try taking yoga out of the yoga studio and into a surrounding that seems out of theordinary. I find this really helps to deepen your practice and create an awareness that is quite different then what you usually feel in a studio.
I like to call this guerrilla yoga. Like the marketing term; it is unconventional, thought provoking and spontaneous. Our minds are stimulated by many things, but sometimes the mind can become desensitized or stagnant.

This is how Spontaneous yoga helps! Your brain associates yoga with a studio, and when you venture off into a bush or onto a football field to do your downward dog, you are tapping into a deeper part of yourself. You might breathe in the beauty of the sky or appreciate the existence of the lady bug that landed on you during dancing warrior. Doing yoga in nature, breathing fresh oxygen and feeling the calming energy of the trees and plants, is something we sadly are not able to experience on a daily basis. Personally, I find this practice empowering.

Take some time for yourself or get a group of you together and do some spontaneous yoga. Laugh together and appreciate the beauty of yourself and the beauty of the world.

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