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Joy Assignment # 2 Enjoy It Like It’s The First Time

Who knew you could bond over ice cream.

Did you know that ice cream is so precious to some people, that the thought of indulging is a natural high? I bet you didn’t know that ice cream can make some so emotional that you see tears in their eyes. I witnessed such a moment today; a moment of joy and a moment of bliss.

Imagine yourself as a wide-eyed child smooshing your face against the glass at the local ice cream parlor. Maybe you weren’t tall enough to see the flavours, so your dad lifted you up higher so you could stare at the rainbow of creamy deliciousness. Maybe, you are riding your bike and you hear that familiar bell of the ice cream truck that seems to be calling your name. Whatever the memory I want you to think about how it felt to finally get that ice cold treat after such anticipation. I want you to imagine the excitement, the nervousness, and finally; I want you to remember how it felt to touch the cold cream to your tongue.

Now imagine this feeling after tasting ice cream for the first time after 11 years. Try to know the feeling of being deprived of such a simple luxury and finally indulging.

After eight years of anorexia, and in her second year of recovery, my dear friend Sarah has truly tasted ice cream for the first time. Eating ice cream with someone experiencing such a breakthrough also makes your ice cream experience quite different. You begin to savour each and every flavour, taking in the aroma of each ingredient and sketching it to memory. Because something as small as eating ice cream, can mean the world to someone else.

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