Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Raw Food Challenge Day 5- Nature’s crack

Not working instigates the worst eating habits. If you’re like me; when you have time to do nothing… you want to eat. I eat out of boredom and when I have a day off I spend most of my day snacking. This time can be dangerous for you because it allows extra thinking space to second guess your eating habits. Since we as human beings are able reason and calculate; we are also able to convince ourselves of anything, it is kind of ridiculous.

The other day I convinced myself a pair of shoes would pay themselves off because they would help me get a job. Don’t roll your eyes at me, you have all convinced yourselves of something just as ridiculous! The point is- If I am able to convince myself to buy yet another pair of shoes I don’t need; imagine what I could convince myself to eat outside of my diet given enough free time… So fill that time with activities; I enjoy running errands in the sunshine, and doing housework in my underwear singing along to the Classic Hits of Broadway.

If I do snack, I have some favorite options. Well, more or less one all time favorite, dates. Dates have become like crack to me. Since I am no longer eating chocolate (something I needed to have once a day to remain happy), I am dummying dates like it is my last day to live. My tongue has normalized to the point that dried fruit is like candy. I am fairly certain eating a piece of candy at this point would be torture for my taste buds.

Another great snack is homemade trail mix. A mixture of potent wild foods that are portable (throw some in your purse), full of energy, and do not require cooking. Aaand you can put dates in it! I will post some recipes 🙂

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