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Raw Food Challenge Day 2- Beware of sporting events!

April 2, 2011

Well there’s a reason they tell you avoid alcohol when on a raw diet. There is also a very good reason they warn you to never be unprepared. Eating raw means you are eating a diet of easy to digest meals and you are eating less often since you are not being bombarded with cravings.

Last night I attended a Jays game. It was like throwing me to the sharks. What does one usually associate with sporting events? That’s right, beer and grease. Well I wasn’t going to say no to the beer, but I did say no to the grease- terrible idea. Drinking on a empty stomach is bad enough; drinking when all you have been eating for two weeks is raw- even worse. I had 6 beer over 4 hours (ish) and ended up ill and blackout drunk. I was like a 14 year old on her first bender; how terribly embarrassing.

I was out of commission for about 12 hrs and my dignity took a serious hit. I ate nothing today.

What did I Iearn? Well first off, always have a snack on hand. Whether its a homemade granola bar or trail mix in your purse, gym bag or car. This is your weapon against temptation, do not leave home without it. You don’t see superman fighting villains without his leotard now do you?

You never know what type of situation you may find yourself in, and being prepared will keep you from diving nose first into that big plate of greasy fries. Or in my case a major headache and bruised ego.

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