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Raw Food Challenge Day 17- Urban Adventures

Unless you want to go on a date and pick away at a salad like some stereotypical cliche; make a conscious decision of choosing the place. Living in Toronto I am fortunate enough to have restaurants that cater to the decisions I make daily about my eating habits. With a vast amount of raw and vegan options to choose from, as well as a strong support system; I rarely have to find that one item on a menu fit for a carnivore (which is usually a pasta with a cream sauce- ew). There are even organic restos with local meats on the menu for your meat-eating man-friend; so you can both be happy munching away at your cruelty-free meal.

Above is a picture of the vegan Coconut Lime Cake and Chocolate Cake that are available at Fresh on Spadina. They are both to-die-for!

Surrounding yourself with like-people also helps. Just last week myself and my 3 girlfriends wandered down to Fresh on Spadina and enjoyed a delicious vegan meal followed by 2 pieces of epic-ly-delicious (yes, I made up this word, but I could not think of any better way to describe it) chocolate and coconut cake. Only two of us were vegan but all four of us appreciate the lifestyle decision; oh and of course the incredible food that goes along with it. You do not need to feel like the oddball out. I used to try to reassure myself and those around me that I was not a picky eater, I was just vegan. Why did I need to reassure anyone of this? Of course I am picky, and I have every right to be picky about what goes into my body. No longer will I be ashamed about my picky eating habits! Especially with the amazing vegan community I am so lucky to be a part of.

Oh and another thing, we vegans are not all granola-munching, Birkenstock wearing, tie-dye sporting, dread lock hippies in green peace tees (Although there is nothing wrong with that). My point is, this stereotype just outdated. Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles have become quite glamorous and tres chic, just check out some of the amazing restaurants posted below.

Here is a list of some of the amazing vegan restaurants in Toronto:

  • Fresh 3 locations- Fresh on Crawford 894 Queen Street West, Fresh on Bloor 326 Bloor Street West, Fresh on Spadina 147 Spadina Avenue
  • Live Organic Food Bar 264 Dupont Street
  • Rawlicious 3092 Dundas street west, Rawlicious 20 Cumberland Street
  • Magic Oven 798 Danforth Ave, Magic Oven, 270 Dupont street, Magic oven 6 Wellesly Street West, Magic Oven 360 Queen Street East, Magic Oven 127 Jefferson Ave.
  • Bunner Bake Shop 3054 Dundas Street West
  • Cruda Cafe 93 Front Street East
  • Fressen 478 Queen Street West
  • Urban Herbivore Kensington Market 64 Oxford Street, Urban Herbivore 967 College Street

There are many more but here is a smaller list for you to try. There are still a couple days left of the Veggielicious event going on (April 9-24) so grab your best girlfriend take advantage of their deals and go exploring!

Here is a link for more information:

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