Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Raw Food Challenge Day 16- Cheater!

You can cheat, in fact I urge you to cheat, just plan ahead of time. It should involve a thought process it should not be an impulse. If you cheat on impulse you will choose the worst option and eat more of it. This will be followed by cravings and a constant need for crap.

Its like a saying they use in Alcoholics Anonymous “You’re only one drink away from your next drunk”. Apply this to eating, if chocolate cake is your most favorite thing in the world, and there is a piece of cake in your fridge. No matter how many times you tell yourself ” I will only have HALF a piece,” chances are you’re going to eat the whole damn thing. I am not saying you may never eat your favorite foods again, I am just impressing upon you how easy it is to throw off all the work you have just done. Junk food makes your blood sugar levels fluctuate which results in cravings. This is why you crave nothing but sweets for a week after you pigged out and ate a sleeve of cookies.

I cheated… I had some personal things I was going through and cheated.. badly. No friends, I am not perfect. The ability to just say “fuck it!” and give myself a day of eating whatever I wanted because “there is no such thing as raw comfort food” was just too easy. How did I feel after? I felt nauseous, headache-y and like a big fat failure. So what did I learn? You may cheat… in moderation. Now, even as I sit here… all I want is chocolate. Last night I had a dream about chocolate. I need chocolate rehab.

Above is a photo of what happens when you eat on impulse and emotion. I know I know its only sushi, but… for a raw girl this is HUGE.

Don’t you worry my little recycling friends, All those containers were recycled 🙂

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