Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

I Live my Life Through My Stomach

I sat many a evening in my kitchen listing to Edith Piaf wondering what all the rich people were doing.

How is it that the one thought that gets me through my day is knowing I have an adventure waiting for me in my kitchen. I am greeted by shelves of oils and aromatic spices, pastas and fresh produce. All day there is a delicious idea brewing and I long for the 15 min subway and the 10 min walk to my basement apartment. Has it happened? Have I, at 22 years old ended my pursuit of happiness? I find joy in 20’s Jazz, a glass of Merlot and most off all; my one true love- cooking.

I live my life through my stomach and I intend on sharing my experiences during this love affair.

I, Candice Hutchings am currently cheating on my boyfriend with a slice of Halloumi cheese, melted onto a toasted baguette with Red Pepper Jelly. If you have not indulged in such a sin, I urge you to do so… immediately. The perfect combination of salty delicious fried cheese topped with sweet- yet spicy jam is better then any date you will ever go on; I can guarantee it.

Bon Appetit!

Photo taken at Lotus Heart Blossoms Vegetarian Restaurant, Kingston, ON.

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