Inside The Mind Of A Vegan Alchemist. Carnivore Approved.

Magical Coconut Water

For some reason we are a society that finds it necessary to drink everything except water.  I get it, water tastes boring; and there are so many more enticing options! Well my friends, if you’re like me, you love water, you drink liters upon liters a day. Its nice to switch it up every once in a while isn’t it? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I introduce to you, coconut water…

Coconut water is an under rated beverage. It is something that not a lot of people know about. Well I know quite a bit, and luckily for all of my darling veggies I will share this information with you! First of all, I love coconut water because of its mild but earthy and hint of sweet taste. This magical water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts. A young coconut has very little meat; and has not yet turned into milk. It is low in carbs, fat free and low in sugar! —No guilt here!

Lets begin with the hydrating benefits. Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage; it contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium. This means that it is an amazing and natural way to hydrate the body and replenish your body’s electrolytes after working out or hot yoga. It has also been proven to regulate body temperature, keeping you cool and helps boost poor circulation.

For those of you with fitness or weight loss goals, you will be happy to hear that it raises your metabolism, promotes weight loss, and has significantly less sodium and sugar then regular sports drinks. Plus, its all natural and has no added anything!!!

Last but certainly not least; coconut water also has incredible health benefits. Not only does it boost your immune system but it also helps your body fight viruses. It doesn’t stop there, this super water was also proven to treat kidney and urethral stones, cleanse your digestive tract and control diabetes!! Amazing isn’t it? Its an all natural healing water.

Now lets take a step outside of the body. Not so surprisingly coconut water also promotes healthy skin. Drinking coconut water will hydrate not only your organs but also your skin; it removes excess oils and can reduce acne scaring. You can also use coconut water topically! Just put it on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it after cleansing. Easy peasy.

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